A Few Things That Have Helped Me With My Anxiety

These are a few things that have helped me with my Anxiety

  1. Get checked out by a doctor, and if they put you on meds, try your best to take them regularly and give them a chance to work. DO NOT GOOGLE EVERY  MEDICINE THEY PUT YOU ON!
  2. Ask for a referral to a Counselor. I didn’t like this idea at first, but it is great to vent to someone you don’t know.
  3. Take a break from the same old routine by doing something spontaneous and fun. Fun helps to break the cycle of stress.
  4. Meditate in some way, deep breathing, exercises, movement, taking 5 minutes to sit and be.
  5. Empower yourself, I do this by reading books about making myself stronger and learning to live again.
  6.  Set realistic goals. This helps to gain confidence in yourself. Think about the things you really want for your life and write them down. Build on them and get detailed about the things you want.
  7.  Start a personal journal.
  8.  Get back to Nature. Take a walk in the woods, or on a nature trail. (Sometimes, I just take a walk up and down my street.)
  9.  Make a choice. Choose to do something right now. Even something small that you’ve been putting off. You’ll feel better for it. Small choices help to.
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