Blown Away


Materials: Small objects to blow, masking tape, straws.


This game combines a science experiment and a competition into one.

Gather a variety of small objects to test, such as cotton balls, small toy cars, raisins, crumpled paper, small blocks and paper clips.

Be sure to have at least one item for every person playing.

Make start and finish lines with masking tape on a countertop or table.

Place the items on the start line and begin blowing on “Go,” aiming for the finish line.

The first item across the finish line wins.

Try the race again, but this time use a straw to blow.

Pay attention to which items are harder to move by blowing with your mouth.

Do any of them get easier when using the straw?

The person who wins the most races is the winner.


Please, please share photos of your family playing this game in the comments below. Thanks! =)

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