Box Car

Materials: Large cardboard box, Scissors, Markers, Masking tape or glue, Shoe Box, Newspaper, Electrical Tape, Cardboard, Sponges or Rags.

Create a sports car from a box big enough for you to sit in. Decide which part of the box will be the top and cut a large hole in it for your driver’s seat.

Use markers to add colors and designs to the box.

Tape or glue a shoe box to the back of the car for a trunk.

Make a steering wheel with some rolled newspaper and masking tape, use electrical tape to make it black.

Gas and brake pedals can be made from pieces of cardboard with sponges or rags underneath.

Make a dashboard by attaching a piece of cardboard to the front of the driver’s seat and add speedometer, gas gauge, and radio/cd controls.


Please, let us know in the comments below if you tried it out and how it went. Sharing Pictures is also Awesome. Thanks! =)


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