Dream Tree House


Materials: Paper, Pencil, Pen or Markers, Craft Sticks, Cardboard, Tape, Fabric Scraps, Cardboard Tube.


Think of the best tree house. What kind of tree would it be in?

How many rooms would it have?

Draw the plans for the tree house on paper, noting the rooms and layout.

It may look like a huge mansion with many rooms, or maybe yours is smaller but more difficult to access.

When your floor plan is complete, try to make a model of the tree house using craft sticks, cardboard, tape, and other found materials.

Try to get it to look just like your written plans for the dream tree house.

Use fabric scraps and markers to decorate the finished project. A cardboard tube can be used as a tree, when the model is complete, secure it onto the tube by using tape.

I hope you enjoy this project. Please, share Your Dream Tree House in the comments below. Thanks! =)

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