Dress Up Charades


Materials: Variety of clothing.


This game will get you moving with a new twist on an old favorite. Take turns dressing up.

  1. Gather a wide variety of clothes to use for dress-up and put them into a pile.
  2. Think of a dress-up idea, such as wearing all yellow to be a banana or wearing many colors to be a peacock. Or choose a book or cartoon character.
  3. Find the right clothing for your idea. After dressing up, act out something related to your identity and see if anyone can guess what or who you are. If you are a peacock, strut around with your beautiful colors and pretend to fan out your tail. If you’re a banana, pretend to peel yourself by taking off one layer of yellow clothing.

We really love this game. Please, feel free to share pictures of your Dress Up Charades in the comments below. Thanks! =)

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