Educational Games for Kids Tablet


  1. Stack The States
  2.  Stack The Countries
  3. President VS Aliens
  4.  Endless Alphabet
  5.  Quick Math Jr
  6.  Dragonbox
  7.  Teach Your Monster To Read
  8.  Duck Duck Moose Games (My daughter’s FAVORITE)
  9.  Super Why: Abc Adventures
  10.  Starfall (Both my kids LOVE)
  11.  Elmo Loves 123’s
  12.  Numbers and Counting
  13.  Alpha Betty Saga
  14.  Word Search Pro (I LOVE this one, lol.)
  15.  Words With Friends
  16.  Fruit Ninja Academy
  17.  GetEpic (We love this one for books!)
  18. Can You Escape (Both of mine love this.)
  19.  Flow Free
  20. Word Cookies (Whole Family plays this.)
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