Glittering Stars


Materials: Waxed paper, White glue, Glitter, String or Yarn.


Add sparkle to your room or house, make stars and other shapes and hang them from your ceiling or windows.


Step 1: On the waxed paper, draw shapes with the glue. Be sure to use plenty of glue so the lines are thick.

Step 2: Cover the glue completely with glitter. Don’t shake off the excess glitter. Allow the shapes to dry completely.

Step 3: Once dry, peel the shapes from the waxed paper. Collect the extra glitter in a container.

Step 4: Tie string or yarn on the shape to hang it from a window or the ceiling. Make several stars and planets to decorate your room like the night sky, or use different colors of glitter to make a garden of flowers.


Please, share your glittering stars in the comments below. Thanks! =)

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