Indoor Snowball Fight


Materials: Newspaper, Masking tape, Timer or Clock, Trash bag.


If you ever get the urge for a snowball fight without the cold weather, try this game for indoor fun.

Gather 2 stacks of newspaper and some friends into a big room.

Make a line down the middle of the room with the masking tape and divide everyone into 2 teams, giving each team a pile of newspaper.

When everyone is on the correct side, yell “Go!”

Each person wads up sheets of newspaper into “snowballs” to throw on the other side of the room.

When time is up (set a timer or check the clock before starting), each side counts the balls on their side of the room.

The side with the fewest wins.

At the end, see which team can get the balls into a trash bag first.


I hope you enjoy this game with the kids. Please, share pictures of your family fun in the comments below. Thanks! =)

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