Scary Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

There’s nothing quite like a super-scary Halloween costume. It’s even more fun if you make it yourself! Whether you’re an adult or a kid, homemade costumes can be fun (and shocking!). Check out these ideas for scary Halloween costumes you can make yourself.

1. Head in a Jar

This is one that looks professional but it’s actually really easy to make. It works best for kids because of their short stature. Here’s how you make it.

Use cardboard to cut out fake shoulders. You’ll want to attach sideways cardboard panels to the top of the “shoulders” to make them look three-dimensional – or you can use shoulder pads that you’ve cut out of a coat or shirt. Then you place the cardboard shoulders on top of your child’s real shoulders, behind his or her head, and attach them by cutting 2 holes in the bottom and running a strap or piece of cloth through the holes and under your child’s arms.

Place a long, thin coat over the fake shoulders. Stuff the coat’s arms with old t-shirts or whatever you have on hand. Then pin thick gloves to the ends of the arms. Button the coat around your child’s neck, so only his or her head shows.

Take an empty plastic bin (like the kind that pretzels come in) and cut out the back and the bottom. You may want to cut out the center of the lid, too. Fit the jar over your child’s head and place the gloves under the jar (use tape if you need to), so it looks like your child is carrying his or her own head.

Variation: cut a hole and part of the back out of an aluminum baking dish for a head on a platter.

2. Zombie

Zombies are all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to put together a costume. Go for ripped, torn clothes (it doesn’t matter what kind of clothes at all – you can use anything from a nightgown to jeans to a formal dress). Spot them with fake blood and smudge them with charcoal pencils or chunks.

Check your backyard grill – smear your zombie get-up with ashes and charcoal for a great look. With a little improvising, you can use eye shadow, lipstick, and charcoal to create bruises and “wounds.” Make sure you get those characteristic dark under-eye circles.

3. Psycho Victim

Slash through a shower curtain to make it look torn and tattered, then splash on some fake blood or red paint. Wrap it around yourself and just add a shower cap.

4. Classic Bloody Mary

This one is super-simple but really scary looking. Dress in white and go outside or to a place where you can pour fake blood without making too much of a mess. Just pour about 2 cups of the fake blood over your head and shoulders, and let it dribble all over. Wear whatever shoes you’ll be wearing so they will get a dose of fake blood, too. That’s all there is to it – easy but scary!

Hopefully, these ideas will give you some inspiration to make your own scary Halloween costume.

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