Silly Secret Club


Have you ever wanted to be in a secret club? Make your own! Find a few friends to join and choose the silliest club idea you can imagine.

Examples, The Blue Socks Club or The Like To Spin In Circles Club.

Make up club rules and club games with the other members. When will your club meet? Will there be a clubhouse location? Will you have a secret handshake?

Try making a Secret Journal together.

Think of ways you can secretly do nice things for other people, like sending a card to a sick friend or giving blue socks to a homeless shelter.

Be sure to discuss how to add new members when other friends want to join.

Perhaps they will have to wear blue socks for three days in a row or spin in circles for one minute before joining.


Please, have fun with this and let me know in the comments below the name of Your Secret Silly Club. Thanks! =)

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