Storybook Theater


Materials: Favorite Children’s Book, Puppets or Socks for hand puppets, Buttons, Ribbon, Glue and Markers.


Step 1: Choose a favorite children’s book, such as Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or Where the Wild Things Are.

Step 2: Use puppets to retell the story. If you don’t have puppets, create some out of old socks and decorate with buttons and ribbon. Use markers to make a face and details. Act out as you can, using different puppets or changing your voice.

Step 3: Tell the story for friends and family. Younger children will enjoy seeing favorite books performed.

Step 4: Tell a story with friends or siblings, each taking a part and a different puppet.


Me and my kids enjoy this one so much. Please share photo’s of your Storybook Theater in the comments below. Thanks! =)

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